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Posted: 7-2-2019

Wetlands Design

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A properly designed wetlands lagoon can be a low-maintenance solution to ever-increasing permit requirements. At least 120 days ...

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Posted: 5-29-2019

Wastewater Lagoon Design

  • image descriptionWastewater

Design – Maximizing Effective Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) Early lagoons were designed to provide at least 120 days detention as ...

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Posted: 4-16-2019

Troubleshooting Lagoons

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Even well-designed lagoons sometimes turn sour. EBH can analyze your past records, conduct additional testing, and come up with ...

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Posted: 7-10-2018

Andrew Brunner Earns PE

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EBH Engineering is excited to announce Andrew Brunner, PE, has earned his Professional Engineering (PE) license through the Kansas ...

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