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Status: Completed
Owner: City of Anthony
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Anthony, Kansas

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EBH & Associates, P.A. was selected by the City of Anthony, Kansas to design a water system improvement project. EBH worked closely with the city submitting a grant funding application on Anthony’s behalf to coincide with available stimulus funding. The grant Anthony received allowed them to make needed improvements to their water system. Without the grant funds, major phases of the improvement project would have been deferred, and necessary portions of the water system would have continued to deteriorate. EBH acted as Anthony’s project representative throughout the entire project, ensuring they received reliable solutions for the best price.

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Services Provided
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Surveying
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Infrastructure, Evaluation & Planning
  • On-Call Engineering
  • Project Funding & Grant Application through USDA
  • State & Federal Permits
  • Waterline Improvements
  • Water Well Improvements
Project Details

EBH, through the design of several variations of nitrate removal processes and equipment, understands that not just the initial cost but also various other parameters affect the long-term operation and maintenance cost of a water treatment facility. As such, EBH is well versed in writing a specification to obtain the information required to make an evaluation of the various processes and equipment. The result is a cost-effective nitrate removal process for the City of Anthony.

This project resulted in the City realizing a 15% water savings, brought the water quality into compliance with EPA standards, incorporated an entirely new SCADA system, and replaced unsanitary facilities.

This 690 gallons per minute nitrate removal system included all equipment, treatment unit piping, valves, fittings, regeneration piping, control valves, system controller, treatment vessels, media, flow meters, Hach UV nitrate on line sensor, motor operated bypass valve, bulk salt delivery system, and any appurtenances to provide skid mounted nitrate removal system. A pilot test was required to verify equipment would perform as required.

The project also included the demolition and removal of two (2) water storage tanks and appurtenances. The first tank was a 2.5 million gallon steel ground storage tank located in the southwest corner of the City of Anthony and the second tank was a 90,000 gallon riveted steel tank located 7 miles north of the City of Anthony. Demolition included removal of foundations, piping, fencing and appurtenances. This project conformed to ARRA requirements.

A new metal building and all accessories associated with the building was also constructed. The project also included installation of a SCADA system. EBH worked with SCADA designers to obtain a reliable telemetry system to monitor and operate the water treatment facility remotely. EBH understands the operations of the facility and what is needed and required for an operator to monitor and operate the plant remotely. The project also included construction of inlet and effluent piping; two (2) 98,500 gallon ground water storage tanks; two (2) evaporative ponds with double HDPE liner; chain link and game fencing; gravity drain line; generator set; piping and appurtenances to make a fully functioning water treatment plant. This project was subject to ARRA regulations.

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Project Team
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    Don Hellar, PE Senior/Project Manager
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    Michael Younger, PE Project Engineer
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    Darla Abbott Support Staff