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  • type: Community Enhancement

Projectsimage descriptionGoodland Main Street

Status: Completed
Owner: City of Goodland
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Goodland, KS
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The City of Goodland has partnered with EBH to rehabilitate the City’s historic downtown brick street, storm sewer, and waterlines.   The existing street, dating back to 1921 consisted of clay bricks and a 5 inch concrete base.  EBH has assisted the City in obtaining Transportation Enhancement Grants to help defer the additional cost of replacing the street with new bricks instead of simply concrete or asphalt. Improvements have been phased with separate projects from 2001 to 2019.



ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Evaluation and Planning
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
  • Streetscape
  • Waterline Improvements
Project Details

EBH has performed planning, funding applications, design, construction contract administration, and construction oversight for the improvements.

These improvements have included:
  • 4 blocks and 8 intersections of new concrete pavement base and clay brick streets
  • Existing waterline in the street abandoned, new 10” and 6” water lines bored beneath the sidewalk on each side. New service meters were installed and services were switched after the new lines were active, reducing service interruptions to less than 2 hours.  Service interruptions were coordinated with residents and businesses in order to minimize inconvenience
  • Basement meters relocated to sidewalk
  • Brick installed in the sidewalk above the new water lines to allow for easy access for City crews.
  • Curb & gutter replacement, bulbouts, ADA ramps
  • Aged clay storm sewer replacement with HDPE pipe & flow-fill
  • Access to businesses was maintained with 5-6 feet of sidewalk maintained along the building faces
  • Local restaurant on block under construction in 2017 reported an increase in business during construction
  • In total, over $3.5 million have been invested into Main Street downtown with an additional block currently under design
  • Relocation of overhead street lighting and Christmas lighting circuit on block currently under design
  • Addressed unforeseen underground fuel tanks and basements/vaults during construction