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ProjectsK27 Highway Corridor

Status: Completed
Owner: City of Goodland
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Goodland, KS

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The City of Goodland and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) knew they needed to address the K27 highway corridor connecting Interstate 70 to the Goodland, KS community. After traffic studies were conducted, it was determined that over 10,000 vehicles a day used this road to travel. With the help of EBH, there were multiple grants from KDOT and ARRA used to complete this corridor over a three year time frame. Three of the five projects were completed simultaneously.

This ¾ mile segment of K27 corridor included:

  • Coordination with all 4 on/off ramps to I-70
  • 9 connections to the frontage roads serving the I-70 business district
  • 1 major intersection with Business Highway 24


ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
  • State and Federal Permits
  • Surveying
Project Details

During construction, the contractor had to coordinate the flow of over 10,000 vehicles a day, which for a rural highway is pretty high, in this corridor. This project consisted working on the ramps to I-70 (where over 15,000 vehicles per day travel on I-70), which is one of the busiest interstates in Kansas.

EBH worked closely with federal and state agencies to receive the funding and grant monies for the four-phased project. Working with the City of Goodland and the State of Kansas, EBH provided the most economic, advantageous funding solutions by completing the project over multiple years to benefit both the city and the state. Due to budget constraints, the project was completed in multiple phases and utilized multiple funding and grant sources. This was one of the first ARRA, federally funded, projects in the state of Kansas. EBH was one of a few engineering firms who had a truly shovel ready project to utilize ARRA.

Grant Programs Used
  • KDOT
  • ARRA
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    Darin Neufeld, PE Project Executive\Project Manager
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    Jerry Nemechek Inspector
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    Marc Chaffin Inspector
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    Frank Feemster, PS Surveyor