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Projectsimage descriptionPratt Airport Water Line Improvements 2019 – Contractor Installed Phase

Status: Completed
Owner: City of Pratt, Kansas
Pratt, Kansas
Addendum No. 2, dated 10/11/2019

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EBH was hired by the City of Pratt to provide engineering design and surveying for the Pratt Airport Industrial Complex. Prior to this project taking place, the water supply at the Pratt Airport Industrial Complex did not meet drinking water standards. By constructing a transmission waterline from the City of Pratt to the Airport Water System, users located at the Pratt Airport Industrial Complex could once again utilize the water for potable uses. Not only did this project improve water quality at the Airport Industrial Complex, it also reduced the administrative burden on the city by consolidating two separate systems into one.

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ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Infrastructure, Evaluation and Planning
  • On-call Engineering
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
  • State and Federal Permits
  • Surveying
  • Waterline Improvements
Project Details

The project included:

  • 6,800 Linear Feet of 12" and 20" Linear Feet of 10" and 6" C900 PVC Waterline with Tracer Wire and Detectable Tape
  • Four 12" Butterfly Valves
  • One 10" Butterfly Valve
  • Three 6" Gate Valves
  • Three Fire Hydrants
  • Installing a Transmission Waterline and Booster Pump Station
  • 4,820 Linear Feet of 12" Pipe, 300 Linear Feet of 8" Pipe, and 2,640 Linear Feet of 6" Pipe
  • 2,625 Linear Feet Waterline Bore
  • SCADA System
Grant Programs Used
  • Kansas Department Health and Environmental (KDHE)
Project Team
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    Michael Younger, PE
  • image description
    Chris Mayberry