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Projectsimage descriptionSpearville Sports Complex

Status: Inprogress
Owner: The City of Spearville
Spearville, KS

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This ballfield complex phase includes a baseball/softball field with multiple base path lengths for different age group leagues.  Features include an artificial turf infield, natural grass outfield, dugouts; bullpens; bleacher seating; field lighting, irrigation system and parking.


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Services Provided
  • Surveying
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
Project Details

EBH worked with the Spearville Recreation Commission to prepare a grant application to the Tom Feist Foundation for the new Spearville Sports Complex. The complete proposal included a new baseball field, concessions and restroom building, and a new softball field. The project will be constructed in phases, with the baseball field construction as the first phase. The baseball field included:

  • Artificial turf infield with accommodations to set bases at multiple distances to enable many different age groups to use the field
  • 300’ to right and left foul poles and 380 feet to center field
  • Heated and cooled press box
  • Aluminum bleacher seating
  • Press box
  • High quality lighting for night play

Persistence was required to see this project come to fruition. Grant applications were submitted to the Tom Feist Foundation (TFF) in 2014 and 2015, before the project was selected for funding in 2016. With no published guidelines for funding limits, and no project size limitations set by the board of directors, it was challenging to develop a proposal. Each time EBH and the City of Spearville submitted the application, it was further refined to narrow the scope of the project until it met the objectives of the TFF.

EBH worked with the City of Spearville to address their concerns about the project location. The City’s primary water supply lines ran through the site and had to be relocated before the project could move forward.

A unique characteristic is the project location. The City of Spearville is surrounded by two very large wind farms. The view from the bleachers is unlike any other; beyond the artificial turf infield and the fully irrigated natural turf outfield. There are 122 eighty meter tall wind turbines seen from the bleachers.

Grant Program Used
  • Tom Feist Foundation (TFF)
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    Paul Stoner Project Manager
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    Tyler McCann Inspection
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    Darrin Hall, RLS Surveyor
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    Joel Krosschell, PE Engineer