Projectsimage descriptionVictoria, KS Water System Improvements 2019-Part 2-Water Tower

Status: Completed
Owner: City of Victoria
Victoria, KS
Addendum No. 1 Dated April 7, 2020

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The City of Victoria is a growing rural Kansas town and needed additional water resources. They had worked with EBH Engineering in the past and called them again to assist with this water tower project. EBH assisted the City with the funding and grant process which included Rural Development funds provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The scope of the project was designing and constructing a new 150,000 gallon welded steel elevated water tower, single pedestal spheroidal type, including foundation; furnishing and installing 26 L.F. of 12″ ductile iron water line, including valves & fittings, to connect new tank into distribution system; 256 L.F. fencing and gates; telemetry work; electrical work; natural gas generator and ATS; site work; and appurtenances.


ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
  • Surveying
Project Details

The water tower was manufactured by Gerard Tank & Steel and was prefabricated at the company’s facility in Concordia. At 138 feet tall, the base cone and much of the bottom half were assembled in the shop in Concordia. The water tower was then transported to Victoria and the pre-assembled pieces were stacked and welded together. The tank arrived in sections and was put together on the ground, then hoisted atop the soaring base with a 270,000-pound capacity crane.

Victoria is supplementing its well field capacity with water from the water district to Trego County Rural Water District No. 1. This project will also help with the water pressure throughout many areas of the town.

The project included:

  • New water tower with a 150,000-gallon capacity
  • Single pedestal spheroidal type
  • Re-drilling two of the six active wells
  • Improve water pressure throughout many areas of Victoria
Grant Programs Used
  • USDA
Project Team
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    Michael Younger, PE