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Utilize Our Experience in the Application, Planning, Design, and Construction of Community Enhancement Projects

Beautiful areas attract people to your community. Through our community enhancement services, we provide transportation alternatives to the communities we work and live in. Progressive municipalities who recognize this are eager to develop and maintain a pleasant environment for both citizens and visitors alike. Doing so requires extensive coordination, cooperation, and planning both at the local and state levels.

EBH has a great deal of experience in the planning, assistance with program grant application, design, and construction phase of major community enhancement projects. These unique projects combine the utility of traffic flow with the beauty of trees and plants to enhance the environment.

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EngineeringHow Your Community Benefits

EBH-services-community enhancement-benefitsCollaborating with state agencies, local municipalities, and citizens, EBH listens and provides engineering consulting for communities on how to design their streetscapes. Each community has different needs and requirements that must be addressed during the design stage, so the project operates in the most optimal manner for its ultimate purpose.

Landscaping, seating, lighting, ease of movement between sidewalk and parking spaces, and safety of pedestrians, bicyclers, and drivers are all key considerations in streetscape design. Streetscape projects also give communities an opportunity to address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility issues, making downtown accessible to all citizens.

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What to Expect

Many communities are moving toward more sustainable lifestyles, so there is a campaign to promote Active Transportation Programs (ATP). These programs create welcoming gateways into communities that are inviting to pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers alike.

EBH engineering consultants have performed pedestrian upgrades and separated bikeways along existing streets and also designed “Safe Routes to Schools” to make local streets safer and more convenient for children walking and biking to school. There is financing and funding available through grant programs that can help cover a large portion of the project construction cost. EBH has a high success rate of helping clients apply and receive grant funding.

EngineeringCommunity Enhancement Engineering Experience

Kansas Department of Transportation

EBH engineering consultants have successfully completed KDOT Transportation Alternative projects in each of the four categories:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
  • Bicycle / Pedestrian Paths
Historic and Archaeological
  • Brick Street Pavement Replacement
  • Historic Bridge Restoration
Scenic and Environmental
  • Downtown Streetscape Improvements
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Irrigated Landscaping
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Ornamental Street Lighting
Safe Routes To Schools (SRTS)
  • Phase 1 applications to request funding for the creation of a Safe Routes to School Plan
  • Phase 2 SRTS plan development, and construction of SRTS infrastructure projects selected by KDOT for funding

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

  • Recreational Trails Program - Grant Applications, Project Design and Construction Engineering
  • Trails Master Plans
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund - Grant Applications, Project Design and Construction Engineering

Kansas Department of Commerce

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) - Community Facilities


  • Park Improvements
  • Rail to Trail Planning and Development