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As a community, you are faced with stricter nutrient discharge limits that can sometimes cause your operational costs to rise as you upgrade your system to meet additional permit requirements.

Our innovative wastewater management engineers can help you follow the local, state, and federal regulations while lessening costs. The wastewater engineering team at EBH will develop a strategic management plan that is cost-effective and sustainable.

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EngineeringWastewater Experience

EBH-services-wastewaterMaintaining a close working relationship with many municipalities across the state of Kansas has enabled the EBH wastewater engineering team to keep abreast of the conditions of wastewater treatment systems statewide. As older wastewater treatment facilities come to the end of their designed lifetime, improvements are necessary to keep the municipality current with state and federal guidelines. EBH has utilized innovative solutions to design wastewater treatment facilities for both the anticipated increase and also for the unanticipated decrease in wastewater.

Wastewater Services

EBH has successfully completed wastewater treatment facilities improvements such as:

  • Aeration
  • BOD Reduction
  • Elimination of Short Circuiting
  • Lagoon Rehabilitation
  • Wetland Design
  • Meeting NPDES Discharge Requirements
  • Re-piping Lagoon to Increase Detention Time
  • Slope Protection Renovation
  • Sludge Removal (Trickling Filter Abandonment)
  • Ammonia

EngineeringLift Stations

EBH is committed to providing wastewater engineering services tailored to each individual project in accordance with FAA guidelines. Sewage handling is one of the most important functions a municipality can provide for their citizens, but one that isn’t thought about until a problem arises.

EBH has worked closely with cities to eliminate problems such as sewage backups and spills by providing state-approved engineering designs and long-term planning.

A proactive community knows where it wants to be one, two, five, and 10 or more years into the future, utilizing long-term comprehensive planning strategies. EBH encourages their clients to plan ahead and works closely with the municipality to create a proactive plan based on sound engineering principles and technologies.

Lift Station Experience

EBH has the knowledge and experience to successfully design sewage lift station projects including:

  • Wet Well Mounted Lift Stations
  • Pump Station Alarm System
  • Force Main Improvements
  • Duplex Submersible Pumping Stations