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Conserving, Treating, and Maintaining Water

Water is essential anywhere on this planet, and the EBH water engineering team prides itself in helping communities conserve, treat, and maintain its source. Through our planning and engineering services, we provide water engineering that includes: Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Water Storage, Water Wells, Dam Inspection, and Water Rights.

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EngineeringWater Treatment

Clean drinking water is a priority for any municipality. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) recognizes that it is the responsibility of the individual municipality to provide clean, uncontaminated drinking water to their customers. Nitrates in drinking water are expanding all across the state of Kansas. The EBH water engineering team has developed a state-of-the-art nitrate-removal process sized specifically for the smaller, hardest hit communities.

Water Treatment Experience

EBH has worked with municipalities across the region to eliminate drinking water problems such as:

  • Presence of Bacteria
  • Chlorine Detention Time
  • General Hardness
  • High Iron Content
  • Presence of Manganese
  • Presence of Nitrates/ Nitrites
  • Radium 226 and 228
Notable Water Treatment Projects

Showing our technical expertise, EBH has been at the forefront of water treatment facility design in the state of Kansas, having engineered more nitrate treatment facilities than any other firm in the state.
These include:



The first-of-its-kind in Kansas nitrate removal system; Belpre



Goodland’s Nitrate Treatment Plant and Waterline Improvements Project that won first place for the 2012 City Public Improvement Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas

EngineeringWater Distribution

EBH-services-water engineering-water distributionThe EBH water engineering team has helped and continues to help many municipalities and rural water districts upgrade their aging water distribution lines. Many aged waterlines are corroded, undersized and leaking the precious water they try to carry. As much as 40 percent water loss has been reported by some municipalities in the region. The KDHE views this water loss as unacceptable, and EBH has worked diligently to help these communities to reduce loss of this precious water.

Water Distribution Experience

EBH has worked with municipalities across the region to correct waterline issues such as:

  • Dead End Lines
  • Low Pressure Areas
  • Water Loss
  • Undersized Waterlines
  • Needed Service Service Area Expansion
  • Inadequate Fire Protection
  • Low Chlorine Residuals
  • Broken Water Valves
  • Low Flow or Non-Functioning Fire Hydrants

EngineeringWater Storage

EBH-services-water engineering-water storageOne of the first things visible upon entering a community is the elevated water storage facility. Water storage, whether elevated, ground or below ground, is a primary component of any water distribution system in a community or area. These water storage facilities must be maintained and replaced as they come to the end of their designed life. EBH has extensive experience with all types and sizes of water storage facilities.

Water Storage Experience

EBH has worked with municipalities across the region to address projects such as:

  • General Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Safety Restraint Systems
  • OSHA Approved Ladders
  • New Elevated Water Storage Facilities
  • New Ground Water Storage Facilities
  • New Stand Pipes
  • Gas and Liquid Chlorination
  • Connection to Distribution Systems (Telemetry)

EngineeringWater Wells

EBH-services-water engineering-water wellsEBH is dedicated to providing the best possible engineering services to our clients. Having long-term relationships with many municipalities across the region has allowed EBH to notice developing trends in water quality, quantity, and availability. As water table levels rise and fall, municipalities are noticing new and varying contaminates in their well water. With increased irrigation in the High Plains Region, more and more wells are not deep enough to draw water from the aquifer, resulting in the need for deeper wells. Multiple states agencies closely regulate all municipal water supplies and EBH works closely with these agencies and the municipality to provide sufficient water for their customers.

Water Well Experience

EBH has worked with municipalities across the region to eliminate drinking water problems such as:

  • Water Well Design and Permitting
  • Low Water Levels
  • Low Water Volume
  • Water Rights Applications
  • Well Pump Replacement
  • Test Hole Drilling
  • Water Well Completion
  • Telemetry

EngineeringDam Inspection

EBH-services-water engineering-dam inspectionEBH recognizes that public safety is a major concern for the owners of dams within the state of Kansas. Many dams are owned by municipalities, but all dams come under the Kansas Division of Water Resources (DWR) and the KDHE.

Dam Inspection Experience

EBH has worked closely with municipalities, DWR, and KDHE to provide prompt, comprehensive inspections to many dams within the state of Kansas, including the following:

  • Photographic Record of Current Conditions
  • Documentation of Erosion/ Cracks/ Slides
  • Documentation of Vegetation/ Rodent Damage
  • Documentation of Cracks/ Settlement/ Bulges/ Misalignment
  • Documentation of Adequate Slope Protection
  • Documentation of Seepage/ Damp Spots
  • Earthen Dam Improvements
  • Dam Emergency Action Plans