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Metropolis Geographic Information System IPAD
A form of communication to model spatial information.

EBH helps communities gather and maintain data all in one place and provides a mapping product to fit their needs. This compiling of information into one, easy to use format, provides the best solution to gaining a full understanding of communities’ existing systems, both for maintenance operations and for future planning.

EBH provides several levels of mapping services depending on the needs of the community.



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MappingGIS Management

A Geographic Information System (GIS) creates a relationship between Spatial Features (The Where) and its Attributes (The What).  We provide the management to bring the data all into one place and make it available to you in a user friendly application. Each system is customizable to include information the community desires. The information can be used as a tool for asset management, maintenance of existing utilities, to help facilitate economic growth, and/or prepare for a natural disaster. We use our engineering expertise to work alongside you to utilize the system to its potential.

The process includes:
  • Working with our client to determine the essential elements that will be included in the system.
  • EBH and the client locate and collect spatial features with GPS equipment as needed.
  • Input of attribute data by utilizing spreadsheets or other data storage, performed by EBH or the client.
  • EBH processes the data into ESRI software, the industry leader of mapping software.
  • We train the client on utilization of the web-based software both in the office and in the field.
  • Partnership with the client to maintain the software for accuracy and updates.

EBH recognizes the need for accurate information for maintenance and its relevance to their clients’ future growth.

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MappingDisplay Maps

EBH provides services that merge geographical data with effective map design. Providing up-to-date record copies are essential in the communication of information of a community. EBH provides small-format to large-format printing and finishing services of mapping projects.

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MappingMap Archiving


Utility maps and construction drawings are valuable tools for normal operation and maintenance. In times of natural disaster or other crises situation, knowing where utilities are located becomes invaluable in restoring service to businesses and residential users.

Having utility maps stored in an organized format and archived on a secure cloud database will allow quick access during
a crises event. The documents will also be able to be reproduced if a disaster were to destroy your original copies.

Another advantage to having maps, construction drawings and other valuable documents digitized and stored in an organized format is for easy access by various departments and entities who may need them.

Maps can show wear and tear due to years of everyday use and improper storage.  The loss of a map can be costly to a municipality, especially in an emergency such as fire, flood, tornado, environmental spill or major waterline break.



Preparing maps and documents for preservation requires specialized care and the proper equipment. Before they can be archived digitally, and stored electronically, these historic maps and documents need to be:

  • Cleaned
  • Repaired
  • Flattened
  • Scanned
  • Post Scan Enhancement

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