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The Kansas Airport Improvement Program (KAIP) is designed to assist airport sponsors in improving and maintaining the state’s system of public-use airports. Applications are due September 30, 2020.

Program Strategy: Preservation and enhancement of the Kansas airport system

Program Objectives
1. Maintain the system’s runway condition rating of “very good.”
2. Minimize surface travel time to air ambulance pick-up locations.
3. Improve safety.
4. Enhance airport and community economic development appeal.

Airport Eligibility
The program is open to public-use airports in Kansas as defined in K.S.A. 75-5061

Project Eligibility

  • Scope of eligible projects:
    • Projects addressing safety and preservation concerns.
    • Projects focused on developmental needs identified in the Kansas Airport System Plan (KASP).
    • All projects deemed by the sponsor to be critical to the airport’s ability to support the community.
  • Projects should be capable of completion in one year of project start and must be started within two years of grant award.
  • State funding is not intended to be used to leverage federal assistance projects.(* NOTE *: A one-time pilot project exemption was allowed in FY 2014 for the Federal FY 2012 projects that suddenly changed cost share amount from 5% to 10% in the middle of the fiscal year due to unforeseen Congressional action.)

Click here for the Program Guidelines on KDOT. 

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