Projectsimage descriptionBogue Water System Improvements 2016

Status: Completed
Owner: The City of Bogue / The City of Hill City
Bogue, KS / Hill City, KS

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The City of Bogue had a problem with their water supply challenge and EBH was put on the task to fix it.  Not only did EBH coordinate, design and inspect the project to correct their problem, EBH developed a cohesive working team that included City of Bogue, Hill City, USDA Rural Development and the KS Department of Commerce. This team brainstormed to provide the correct and most financially feasible solution. EBH was the facilitator between all parties in developing an agreement. Regionalization was determined to be the best solution for Hill City and the City of Bogue.  Hill City drilled a new water supply well and will provide water to Bogue using a new water supply line installed from Hill City to Bogue. Hill City has a new water well and the City of Bogue has a ready supply of quality drinking water. The teamwork resulted in a win-win solution for both communities. The team was open minded and willing to work together to provide the best solution for their communities.

Regionalization makes this project particularly great.  The large number of smaller communities in Kansas make regionalization efforts extremely important.  Hill City, Bogue, EBH, Rural Development and Kansas Department of Commerce worked together to develop a solution that benefited everyone and positioned themselves for the future.

ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Infrastructure, Evaluation and Planning
  • Project Funding and Grant Application
  • Waterline Improvements
Project Details

Part 1 – In Town Improvements
Part 2 – Water Supply Line Improvements

Part 1 and 2 included construction of an approximate 8 mile long water supply line from Hill City to Bogue. Bogue also had new water distribution lines, a new water tower, and AMR Meters installed. The overall project included:

  • 5’4” x 8’ chlorination building with liquid chlorine pumps
  • 120’ x 14’ diameter steel bolted standpipe with control valve
  • Demolition of existing 50,000 gallon concrete water tower
  • 3,123 linear feet of 6” PVC distribution waterline
  • 70 service connection
  • 13 gate valves and 3 fire hydrants
  • 96 AMR Meters
  • 43,100 Linear Feet of PVC supply line
Grant Programs Used
  • USDA
  • ARRA
  • CDBG
Project Team
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    Michael Younger, PE Project Executive/Manager