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Projectsimage descriptionPratt Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements

Status: Completed
Owner: City of Pratt
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Pratt, KS

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EBH helped the city of Pratt qualify for a “Green” energy efficiency grant to implement needed improvements at the wastewater plant. EBH worked with suppliers to develop an innovative purified oxygen treatment system, so the City could convert its energy intensive anaerobic digesters to an aerobic process. At the completion of the project, the city was able to realize energy savings and produce a high quality dry sludge that could be disposed of at the local landfill.

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Services Provided
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Surveying
  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment
  • Infrastructure, Evaluation & Planning
  • On-Call Engineering
  • Project Funding & Grant Application through KDHE
  • State & Federal Permits
Project Details

The oxygenation system at the Pratt Wastewater Treatment Facility is highly advanced and one of a kind. The project included a new biosolids handling facility, maintenance shop, and SBR upgrades. EBH developed an innovative high purity oxygen system to replace the gas fired boiler and convert to an aerobic process. The system uses less energy and does not require the large and loud blowers of a typical aeration system. The new aerobic digester system was integrated with the existing plant. This project presented several challenges that EBH had to overcome:

  • Aeration times in the Sequencing Batch Reactors were adjusted by adding a chemical feed system to kill filamentous bacteria that wouldn’t settle.
  • Anaerobic digesters were converted to aerobic digesters with a new belt filter press. This resulted in the City disposing of small amounts of odor-free filter “cake” rather than large volumes of poorly digested sludge.
  • Recirculation pumps were retrofitted with VFDs to allow better flow control and reduce run temperature on motors.
  • EBH was an integral part in providing a more efficient polymer mixing system that reduced polymer usage in half.
  • A new System Control and Data Acquisition allows operators to supervise status of system components and alarms from one workstation.

This project qualified for grant funds based on its energy efficiency. EBH consistently works with the City of Pratt to ensure the operators understand the plant process and know how to properly operate and maintain the system, so the city can continually see the energy savings of the plant.

Project Team
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    Michael Younger, PE Senior/Project Manager, Project Engineer
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    Richard Ammel, PE Inspector