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  • type: Land Development

Projectsimage descriptionGoodland Arby’s & 25th Street Development

Status: Completed
Owner: Skarko Design, LLC / Arby’s
Location & Map Link:
Goodland, KS

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EBH partnered with two developers and the City in the construction of a new Arby’s restaurant in Goodland, a new public street, and planning for future development lots. The EBH team worked with City and developer for mutual agreeable solutions to roadway intersection geometric and property acquisition challenges. The team developed a unique street design with curb and gutter on each side flowing in opposite directions to accommodate the traffic.

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ProjectsProject Information

Services Provided
  • Street & Highway Improvements
  • Subdivision & Site Planning
Project Details

The project included:

  • Development of site design and obtaining corporate approvals
  • Area storm water planning and detention pond construction
  • Creation of construction documents for site, street, and utility improvements
  • Soil compaction testing
  • Storm water pollution control permitting
  • Street construction inspection and materials testing for City of Goodland
  • Partnered with survey department (legals, staking) and Northwind Surveys (topographic survey)
Project Team
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    Marc Chaffin Surveyor/Inspector